Beginner Quilting Tip - Instruction For Beginners For Quilting

Given a chance anybody and everybody would love the idea of having a nap in a warm quilt so why not try making one yourself. Colors are many and materials are like inviting, and by the time you have made one for yourself you shall be happier in more than one way.

First and foremost, those who are beginners and have little knowledge of the techniques involved it is highly recommend that few basic principles or instructions be taken into account so that the process of making a quilt is an experience worth remembering.


Simplicity can do wonders with your work. Pick a simple design; take cotton, as fabric, cotton threads and material of primary quilt type would vastly improve the rate at which a beginner could grasp the method of making one.

Starters can choose either a simple block design or a bargello design would be ideal this purpose. A fancy and intricate design such as yoyo quilts is something that you try after gaining acquaintance with quilt making. Start with 3-4-color combination and then color mixture can be infinite.


Prewashing is like - essential. It just makes sure that you do away with fabrics that can later shrink or fabric color possibly fading off. Prewashing allows you to eliminate fabrics that shrink or fade color on washing.

In that case look for prewashed materials. Another important, you should make sure to let the material be completely dried up and ironed out before you kick start the process of cutting the fabric and giving it shape. Material like linens and cottons should prewashed in particular.


To get your quilt making process of to a hassle free start use simple patterns coupled with a quilt type that supports your simple idea. Again simplicity will help to complete this process easily, although intricate designs have a more appealing ambiance.

As it stands you shall be better off keeping away from trying to make something and ending up with not finishing it at all, the mantra is keep it simple and let that be beautiful.


Wanting to start is one thing and knowing how to start is all together different propositions, understanding the steps well is therefore a necessity. There are 4 steps involved in quilting basically - layering, binding, piecing, and quilting.

Did you have an idea that quilts are sewed from the middle to outside? The main step is piecing. This forms the top most layer which is the determining pattern. Various parts of fabrics are first put in place and then carefully stitched cohesively to create a predetermined design.

What is a layer? Well making 3 layers joined together is layering, namely top, the underlining and the batting layer. The whole process of quilting requires the stitching of 3 different layers into one single block/piece.

Different methods of stitching can be applied here. Binding is the final step. By binding we mean giving the concluding touch to the quilt, make a nice border to conceal the ragged fabric edges.

Now that you know the requirements as well as the preliminary procedure to build you lovely own quilt I am sure you would like to buy the material and enjoy the experience.