Tips on Producing A Stunning Patchwork Quilt

A patchwork quilt is made by piecing together quilt blocks in order to create a specific design. However because of the advances in the techniques used for producing quilts (quilting) a person can now choose just how they actually put these pieces of material together.

However one thing is certain, which is that in order to produce a good quality patchwork quilt a person needs to be accurate when they are carrying out the work. Unfortunately it only takes one mistake in one of the blocks and this will soon be repeated throughout the rest of them. So it is important that before you start to make your main quilt you make a sample block first and then measure it. If you discover it is not the size you were looking for then you will need to figure out just where exactly the error has occurred. Look and see if the threads are too wide or narrow along the seams. If they are, then you need to clip them and restitch.

There are various ways in which you can piece a patchwork quilt together and we will now take a look at these below. But what is important is that you piece each block together one at a time.

1. Hand Piecing

This method gives your quilt a hand made look which often gets lost when a person is producing a quilt on their machine. So it really is a case of you sitting there and pinning each block together and then sewing them up just one block at a time. It may take longer than other methods but the finished product will be something that you treasure and truly appreciate in the future.

2. Machine Piecing

This method allows you to produce a patchwork quilt much quicker, and it does help to ensure that the quilt you produce stays in one piece once completed no matter how many times you wash it. However in the beginning you may find this method difficult but as time goes by and you become more practiced in the art of machine quilting you will soon find that the quilts you produce look just as good as those made by hand.

Certainly whichever method you choose to use in order to produce your patchwork quilt will depend on the type of person that you are. If you are someone who is dedicated and willing to spend months or even years producing a quilt, then hand piecing is probably the best solution for you. However if you are someone who would like to have the finished article on their bed in a matter of days, then machine piecing is probably the best method to choose.